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Employer Consultation

Employer Consultation

Increasingly, educational policy is driven by the demands of employers.

Understanding those needs is becoming increasingly important.  Employer-facing service providers, including the skills and training sector, business support services and economic development, need to really understand what employers need now, as well as what they might need in the future.

We can help you to really get under the skin of local, regional and national employers, ensuring you can respond directly to their needs.

We can work with your business development and employer consultation teams to ensure they have the tools they need to deliver results in a fast-changing and competitive market place.

We can help you create products and services that set you apart, ensure resilience and sustainability in your organisation and help you to forge long-term, value-adding relationships.

  • Designing Employer Consultation
  • Delivering Employer Consultation
  • Telesurveys
  • CRM Assessment
  • Supply-chain and/or Sectoral Programmes
  • Employer Consultation & Business Development Strategy & Training
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting (regional economics and employment)
  • Competency & Skills Needs Assessment
  • Apprenticeship Levy & Strategy Development.

We worked with Just Ask Scarlett on a comprehensive employer engagement programme, as part of a LEP bid. JAS were instrumental in both understanding and changing the way we worked with employers, helping us develop the systems and skills needed to meet employer demands and helping us to developing our curriculum and services.