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Organisational Analysis - Apprenticeship Levy Budget Setting in a Local Authority

We worked with a Local Authority client to undertake a comprehensive employer consultation exercise to assist in the development of local and regional skills and apprenticeship provision.

We worked with the client to help map the responses of employers to the new Apprenticeship Levy and their priorities for business support and training provision to ensure employers could make the most of the levy across the Local Authority area.

We undertook the same exercise within the Local Authority identifying the departments and functions where the allocation of the levy might be most effective.

We undertook analysis of existing personal appraisal processes, and allocation of training budgets across a number of Local Authority departments and key skills and employment service providers.

We also provided a training workshop for key members of staff around the new Apprenticeship Levy, helping them to understand that potential budgetary and operational impacts.

We provided recommendations for the focus of Levy allocation, as well as for improvements to existing HR and personnel development functions.

Total Project Value: £10,000k+