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Our Mission

Our ethos is simple, to make a difference and to help our clients create legacy.

We love what we do because we know that our work will help to improve the lives of countless people, whose access to high-quality education will be improved, in part, because of our groundwork.

We work with clients to optimise value and unlock the potential of both their curriculum and their estate. We add real value, from helping identify new curriculum areas and introducing strategic partnerships, to working out how and where the curriculum can be delivered.

By doing all the hard work to make those ideas a reality, combining our extensive sector knowledge and expertise, we develop close, lasting and trusted relationships with every client.

We treat all our clients as friends. We look out for their best interests, in what we see as a long-term, developing relationship. We know that makes good business sense too and believe that, in working this way, we can help our clients to make a real and lasting difference.

Meet the Team

Mark O'Reilly - Just Ask Scarlett

Mark O'Reilly

Mark has been a management consultant for over 25 years. His expertise in external funding for capital and employer programmes has led to his securing funding for over £500m of funded programmes and projects.

Rhys Spence - Just Ask Scarlett

Rhys Spence

Education Adviser (Further Education)

Derrick Jones

Derrick Jones

Associate - Finance specialist

John Tomlinson - Just Ask Scarlett

John Tomlinson

John believes passionately that education is the great enabler. For 35 years he has worked mainly in the Further Education sector in colleges as a lecturer and manager and for the last 18 years as an adviser.


John Murphy - Just Ask Scarlett

John Murphy

John is a big-picture, commercial project director. He loves large or complex projects that take some thinking through and working out. He particularly enjoys spotting development value no-one else has noticed.

Kate Dallas-Wood - Just Ask Scarlett

Kate Dallas-Wood

Kate has had extensive experience working with businesses and organisations, across many sectors, working directly with them in developing their productivity and performance through the development of their people.