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Estate Strategy

A GFE College needed to understand its large and complex estate and develop a comprehensive, forward-thinking strategy.

We started by analysing the curriculum strategy, MIS data and assessing the College’s Business Strategy. We also looked at the underlying trends in the market, with particular reference to LEP economic priorities and employer needs.

We then worked with the College to ascertain those curriculum areas that were trending towards increased profitability and therefore might require more space, moving forward. We assessed existing and modelled space requirements, pedagogy impact and learning environment requirements.

We provided options for estate development, including risks/benefit and GAP analysis. We identified potential land receipts, capital requirements and mapped external funding requirements.

We helped to structure the funding & financing model for delivery of the strategy and even helped the client to secure Skills Capital funding, and to sell a defunct site, to provide the finance to deliver the early stages of the programme and helped the College submit a funding application to the local LEP.

Total Estate Programme Value: £50m+